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Rhode Island’s Young Players to Test AHL Skills

Providence, RI (1/30/2017): For the third consecutive season the Rhode Island Reds Heritage Society will sponsor the American Hockey League’s Skills Test for local hockey players of youth and high school age.

Organized by the RI Reds Heritage Society with the cooperation of the American Hockey League, four high school teams have already signed on to take the comprehensive skills challenge during the month of February.

  • Wed, Feb 8: Burrillville High School boys team at the Levy Rink, Burrillville 2:15 PM
  • Wed, Feb 8: Ponagansett High School boys team at the Levy Rink, Burrillville 3:45 PM
  • Thur, Feb 9: Mt St Charles/Cumberland HS girls co-op at the Adelard Arena, 2:30 PM
  • Barrington High School boys team (Location/Date/Time TBD)

Tests consist of skating, passing and shooting drills supervised by each organization’s coaches and assistants. There is no scrimmaging. Goaltenders rotate to handle shots. “This is designed to be a fun and instructive event to aid in the future development of young players,” said Vin Cimini, a director of the Reds society who has organized this year’s program.

“This program is part of our mission to advance the skills, safe play and good sportsmanship of young players in our region while educating them on the genesis of hockey here in RI, a history that began with the RI Reds of the professional Canadian-American Hockey League in 1927.”

The skills test is generously provided by the AHL to the Reds society in both video and diagram formats. According to the AHL only one other group (from Connecticut) has ever requested the league’s model. The participating teams are donating their own ice time for the sessions. The tests generally run around 75 to 90 minutes.

Buster Clegg, president of the Reds historical organization, explained that, “Our objective is to introduce young hockey players to the required series of skills expected at the pro hockey level. In a highly competitive format, the tests can help these young men and women to better identify their strengths and weaknesses relative to their peers in order to improve their performances to reach their next levels of competition. We want to thank the AHL for its support and the local participating teams for providing necessary ice time.”

Youth hockey and other high school teams that are interested in participating can obtain further information by calling 401-247-2666. The public is welcomed to attend skills sessions free of charge.

For further information call 401-230-5905 or e-mail RIREDS15@gmail.com.

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