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Arena Commemorative Plaque to be Unveiled at 1111 on July 31

Providence, RI (7/23/2010): Fond memories, many cheers and possibly a few tears will abound the morning of Saturday, July 31, at 1111 North Main Street in Providence – former home of the Rhode Island Reds professional hockey team from 1926 through 1972.

At precisely 11:11 AM a commemorative plaque will be unveiled and dedicated at that site to honor both the Reds and the former location of the old R. I. Auditorium. The event is a cooperative endeavor between the R. I. Reds Heritage Society and The Miriam Hospital, owners of the North Main Street location that the hospital now uses as neatly-kept, handsomely fenced-in “Arena Parking Facility” for its employees.

Twenty-four former R. I. Reds players are scheduled to attend: Ian Anderson, Ron Attwell, Stan Baluik, Ross Brooks, Serge Boudreault, Johnny Bower, Ray Clearwater, Bruce Cline, Buzz Deschamps, Ferny Flaman, Marty Gateman, Bob Leduc, Yves Locas, Ed MacQueen, Willie Marshall, Gil Mayer, Bill McCreary, Don McKenney, Danny Poliziani, George Ranieri, Bob Robertson, Ray Ross, Chuck Scherza and Milt Schmidt.

Also present will officials from the Society and Hospital, Providence Mayor David N. Cicilline, city councilman Kevin Jackson who represents the district, and members of both the North Main Street Revitalization Committee and the Summit Neighborhood Association. Residents of the neighborhood and the general public are invited to attend the historic dedication, free of charge.

The Reds played their very first game at the newly-completed R. I. Auditorium (also called The Arena) back on December 3, 1926 and played their last game there 46 years later on April 11, 1972.

Both The Miriam Hospital and the R. I. Reds Heritage Society have dedicated missions to recognize, honor and preserve the history of the landmarks in Rhode Island.

The plaque dedication is the face-off event for the Reds Society’s 10th annual reunion to be held at Goddard State Park on Sunday, August 1, at noon.

For further information call 401-230-5905 or e-mail RIREDS15@gmail.com.

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