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“Slapshot” Movie Actor to Guest Speak at Heritage Society Dinner

Providence, RI (7/17/2017): Tim "Dr. Hook" McCracken, one of the best-known practitioners of bad medicine in hockey history, will guest speak at the R.I. Reds Heritage Society’s annual reunion dinner-dance to be held on Saturday, August 5, at the 12 Acres Banquet Facility in Smithfield. Tickets are still available.

The bad doctor is actually Phil D’Amato, the talented veteran movie, TV and theatre actor who played the part of Dr. Hook, the vicious, blood-thirsty villain in one of hockey’s most popular films ever made: “Slapshot.”

The 1977 comedy/drama stars Paul Newman and Michael Ontkean. It depicts a minor league hockey team that resorts to extremely violent play to gain popularity in a declining factory town and its efforts to support the club that resultantly will be shut down.

At the dinner, D’Amato will entertain with revealing personal experiences of his fondest subject: “The Making of Slapshot – The Movie.” He’ll recall the film’s complicated production challenges, the many highs, the occasional lows, the humorous incidents and total joy of working with the film’s brilliant headline stars.

He’ll also reference the appearances of two former Reds’ players in the cast, Con Madigan and Dave Hanson, two hardnosed players. Like Dr. Hook, Madigan plays a bad guy. Hanson is one of the good guys of the now famous threesome - the Hanson Brothers.

D’Amato sports his industry reputation as a versatile character actor, fully equipped to support all arms of artistic creative entertainment. Other movies include his role in “The Deer Hunter” starring Robert DiNero, a film honored by five Academy Awards and voted Best Picture of 1978.

On TV, he acted with key roles in multiple episodes of the popular series “Law & Order,” featuring Sam Waterston. On stage, he has played numerous leading or supporting parts in dozens of off-Broadway productions.

Admission is $45 per person to the “Dr. Hook” Reds dinner dance. Reservations must be received NLT July 28. No tickets will be sold at the gate. To reserve please contact: Mal Goldenberg at 401-782-6636 or email mal@rmcri.com.

For further information call 401-230-5905 or e-mail RIREDS15@gmail.com.

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