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R. I. Reds Heritage Society to honor “Unsung High School Hockey Heroes”

Providence, RI (12/20/2010): The R. I. Reds Heritage Society and the R. I. Interscholastic League (RIIL) have agreed to inaugurate an annual “R. I. Reds High School Hockey Honors Award” program this 2010-11 season.

The award categories will honor three senior boys and three senior girls who participate in the RIIL’s hockey league. The award categories pay tribute to three former Reds’ greats and are named the Gil Mayer Award (goal), Chuck Scherza Award (forward) and the Ferny Flaman Award (defense).

Criteria for nominations will be a player’s contributions to high school hockey; demonstrated acts of sportsmanship, leadership and community involvement; academic performance; talent and ability; and challenges coping with personal obstacles and hardships.

“We’re not looking necessarily at possible All-Staters or super stars, but more towards unsung heroes,” said Tom Mezzanotte, RIIL’s executive director, in making the announcement. “It is a different approach to honor what you might call a silent MVP.”

Representing the Reds Society are Tom Army, vice president, and board member Rick Scherza. Their sentiments: “We’re interested in those kids who plug it out every day and contribute to their team because they love the game of hockey.”

Selection committees from RIIL and the Reds Heritage Society will review nominations submitted by hockey coaches. The awards will be presented during the RIIL State Division I Hockey Championships in March 2011.

For further information call 401-230-5905 or e-mail RIREDS15@gmail.com.

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