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Host a Hockey Hero

The Host a Hockey Hero program, financed by the generosity of dozens of supporters, makes it possible for many former Reds to attend the Annual Reunion. Host a Hockey Hero offsets hotel expenses for out-of-town hockey ex-players, most of whom must travel long distances to attend the reunion. In the past, players have absorbed all expenses, including travel, lodging, and meals. Host a Hockey Hero provides these legends with the special treatment they deserve.

The Rhode Island Reds would like to thank each of its generous Hockey Hero Hosts:

  • Jim Bennett
  • Henry Coupe
  • Bill Gilbane
  • Mal Goldenberg
  • Levi Greene
  • George Landes
  • Bobby Leduc
  • Tom McDonough
  • Don Mellor
  • Joseph Orlando, CPA


  • Bill Reid
  • Dick Reniere
  • Rhode Island Relics
  • Rodio & Ursillo Ltd.
  • Jim Salome
  • Bob Spaziano

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